Sight for Menoreh

Sight for Menoreh

On 8-10 July 2017 I was privileged to provide eye testing for the people in Menoreh with Domus Cordis. Eyecare is widely and freely available in a developed country like Australia, where I live. Going to Menoreh not only opened my eyes to how blessed I am but also gave me the opportunity to share my blessings with others, which I am grateful for.

I was born in Jakarta and moved to Sydney when I was 9 years old. I’ve been active in the church since I was 13, singing and leading praise and worship there. Domus Cordis Sydney was born in 2016 and I’ve since been a regular member. I am an optometrist and my job is to test people’s eyes daily. I have always wanted to make a difference with my job but don’t know how. When the opportunity came for me to go to Menoreh to provide eyetest, I took it. However it wasn’t without hesitation. I hesitated on whether I would know how to co-ordinate the logistics of providing the eyetest,  and how to get the funds to purchase the glasses. I questioned whether I was really needed and I struggled with getting out of my comfort zone in Sydney, not knowing what the accommodation and living condition in Menoreh would be like.

In Menoreh we tested a few villages in the mountains of Menoreh: Kerug, Gorolangu, Kalirejo, Samigaluh and Promasan. I was amazed how people walked steep 30-40 degrees incline to see us. Some elderlies travel by foot from their tiny houses to nearby areas on those inclines with a big weight on their backs possibly weighing 20 kilos, some on their bare feet. When  I first arrived, I noticed that 80-90% of the people were over the age of 50. Now most people over the age of 45 need reading glasses and these people don’t carry any yet they wear their best dress to come to church.

With some lovely helpers from Domus Cordis, we screened and tested over 150 people and 157 people needed glasses. Less than 15 of them had glasses, which were either broken or very old and not working anymore. Approximately one in five people we tested had cataracts, which they don’t know about or have not the finances to have surgically removed. All of them were so thankful of the service we provided.

In the end, we managed to raise Rp 20.000.000,00 towards the glasses but more importantly give sight to these people who may not be able to read the Bible because they think seeing bad is a normal part of getting old. I felt God was trying to tell me one thing and that is that you just have to say YES to God for Him to use you and your gifts to bless other people. Make God know you desire to help people and God will give you the opportunity, the funds and all the means to do it. You don’t have to be the richest, the smartest, the holiest and the best at what you do before God can use you to be a blessing to others. God used Moses who couldn’t speak properly, Paul who was a murderer, Mary who was a humble young girl and many more people to make a difference to this world.

So I challenge you to bless others with your God given talents, knowledge and gifts!

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